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2022 Best of the Best Awards

Written by Julia Bullock
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Thank you Searcy for voting for us in the Daily Citizen’s 2022 Best of the Best Awards. We proudly serve our community and we are very humbled by these awards:

Best of the Best Walk-In Medical Clinic, Best CNA Alexis Shafer, and Best Pediatrician Dr. Mitzi Washington.

This award means the world to us and our amazing team. We strive to give our all and make the patient experience the better each year. In 2022, we made our clinic numbers textable to improve communication and phone waits making it easier and more convenient to get answers to your questions. Whether its illness, injury or wellness we want to be your PrimeCARE.

Best of the Best Walk-In Medical Clinic

We strive to make your experience the best. Understanding, listening, and giving our best level of care is our priority. Your experience starts with our wonderful call center team then on the front desk where our friendly reception team greets you and gets your appointment started. Our amazing tech team welcomes you to the back and into a room where they gather all the needed information to get you the highest level of care as well as shorten your wait time by going ahead and getting the tests that the provider will need to better serve you. Our wonderful providers take their time to understand, listen, and get you back to better. Your visit does not stop once you have seen our providers. Sometimes referrals are needed for continuous care with a specialist and our great referral team will quickly get you an appointment for your care should you need it. Our billing staff works on your behalf advocating for you, getting the insurance claim going and paid.

Best of the Best Pediatrician

Dr. Washington has graciously served our community for many years. From silly jokes to her big hugs she cannot only heal a bad boo-boo but, she can heal your soul. When Dr. Washington is not in clinic she enjoys making beautiful intricate pound cakes.

“God calls us to do all our best. I see my patients with love and understanding. Making their trip to the doctor a good one. I do what God says, and that’s to do OUR best. It’s nice to receive this award from the community. Our true reward will be in heaven, so do your best now.” -Mitzi Washington

Best of the Best CNA

We are so proud of Alexis Shafer for winning Best CNA in our community. At PrimeCARE, CNAs are called “Techs.” Our Techs are the awesome team members that greet you, get you back into a room and begin your visit with questions about your visit. They get all your vitals and if need get testing started while you wait to see a provider. This also speeds up your wait time so you can get back to your day and on the road to recovery. Being a Tech is a very busy position, with endless job duties. We are very thankful for our Techs, they are the backbone of PrimeCARE.

Alexis Shafer

Congratulations Alexis Shafer and Dr. Mitzi Washington! And thank you again for voting for us in the 2022 Best of the Best Awards.

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