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5 Family-Fun Fitness Activities for Mother’s Day

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Mothers day is coming up fast! Did you forget? We’ve got you covered with 5 family-fun fitness activities for Mother’s Day that will fill up your momma’s cup with the love and attention she deserves!

While a gift is certainly welcome, appreciated, and cherished — what moms really want is time, no matter what her age or stage of life. Making memories and enjoying the company of loved ones makes all the long days of mothering worth it! The following 5 ideas are activities that encourage physical fitness for a lifetime. Ask her if any of these fitness focused activities sound fun to her.

#1. Take a Hike

For the adventurous momma, a hike would be an ideal outing to enjoy spring weather and all the gorgeous trails we have in Arkansas. Nearby Wooly Hollow is a favorite! Or for a paved option, a trip to Garvan Gardens in Hot Springs would be such a treat! Pack a picnic and make a day of it.

#2. Garden Helpers

Helping out with more tedious yard chores is a gift that keeps on giving, especially if your mom isn’t able to accomplish tasks that require more muscle. Take it over the top by bringing some flowers to pot for her porch or a new perennial to add to her garden. Your thoughtfulness and help will be greatly appreciated!

#3. Lace up your Roller Skates or Bowling Shoes

A trip to the roller rink or the bowling alley is good for more than laugh. Even moving slowly around the rink or the inevitable gutter ball can bring joy and fun to the days’ celebration. All ages can participate! It’s a win-win for everyone.

#4. Berry Picking Fun

Does you mom love piddling in the kitchen? An outing to a u-pick strawberry field could be just the ticket for her Mother’s Day activity! There are several u-pick options in Central Arkansas and a few drive-thru as well. Drop by the store for some ice cream and shortbread to accompany the sun-sweetened goodness of the strawberries you just picked.

#5. Take to the Water

While it may be a little too chilly to take a dip at Greers Ferry or Beaver Fork Lake, a day floating the Buffalo River would be a great way to make lasting memories in one of Arkansas’s most beautiful landscapes!

Or if fishing might is her favorite past time, take a drive to the Little Red River or one of the many more awesome local fishing holes around Central Arkansas. There are so many great spots for an afternoon of fishing in our area.

Mark the Day with Time, Not Things

Just a simple walk around Tucker Creek Walking Trail in Conway or Emerald Park in North Little Rock after lunch would be lovely and offer the gift of your attention.

Any activity that gets everyone moving can be full of meaningful connections and bonus side-effects for the momma of your family. Elevate your heart rate! Soak in some sunshine! Make family-fun fitness part of this special day! If you choose to celebrate with one of these ideas and it is a big hit, you’ve just found a new annual tradition. You’ll look forward to next year and you’ll know exactly how to make her feel special. We think your mom will love this spin on a celebrating!

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