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Sun Safety | Tips on Staying Hydrated and Cancer Free in the Summer Months

What’s the best way to maintain healthy skin? It all starts with practicing good sun safety and staying hydrated. Really! Here are a few sun safety tips. 

Who wouldn’t love healthy skin? Your epidermis is your largest organ. But, most of us don’t think about our skin like an organ. We see it as it relates to our appearance. We know healthy skin makes for great first impressions. The whole beauty industry is dedicated to our skin in one way or another. 

What’s the real secret? 

Heart Health | How to Change Your Diet and Improve Your Heart Health

Heart health is one of the most important reasons to eat healthy foods. At PrimeCARE we strive to help the community around us stay healthy. Most of that means promoting education and consulting with our patients one-on-one. 

Ready to start eating heart healthy? If you are making any major shifts in your diet, the process can seem overwhelming. Slow down and give yourself time to adjust. Here are some tips. 

Plan your meals ahead of time.

Tips to Prevent Occupational Injuries with Safety Training

When occupational injuries happen at work, it can be easy to brush them off as freak accidents that you have no control over. But the truth is, accidents and the likelihood of them happened can be reduced with proper safety training and small changes in the workplace. Safety training requires a little bit of time and effort in order to implement new rules and processes, yet is necessary in creating a work environment where employees aren’t in the way of danger.

3 Reasons You May Need to Visit a Walk-In Clinic This Summer

Summer is the time of year where we all crave adventure. From family vacations to the beach, weekend hikes, to boating on the lake, it’s the time of year to get up and active. We utilize our weekend free time to get out and explore nature. Of course, with all the things to do and things to get into outside, chances are something will happen that will warrant a quick visit to the doctor’s office. Yet, if you experience a minor encounter that needs attention, there’s no reason to put your summer on hold and spend hours waiting in line at the emergency department.

3 Ways a Walk-In Clinic Can Help Your Allergies

No matter what’s causing them, allergies are a nuisance. Runny noses, itchy, watery eyes, uncontrollable sneezing-this is just a recipe for misery. Unfortunately, allergies affect most of us at some point in our lives and oftentimes, the spring season intensifies them. Allergies can make it seem impossible to carry out normal tasks without feeling exhausted! It’s no wonder that patients seek out treatment to ease their symptoms quickly and get on with their day.

What Does a PCP Shortage Mean for Your Health?

In both past and recent news, there has been discussion about the availability of primary care physicians. The question being asked is if there is a PCP shortage across the country-and the answer has been yes (there is). These are the doctors you see on a consistent basis, who get to know you and your medical history to best serve you. They are able to assist you on a wide range of problems, as well as refer you to specialists if the need arises.

If we’re seeing a decline in the number of these doctors, then you might be wondering what a PCP shortage mean for you and your health.

What Should I Do if I Don’t Have a PCP?

Finding yourself a primary care physician (PCP) is just one of those responsibilities you have as an adult. It’s another box you can checkmark off the list, albeit an important one. A PCP is your best friend when it comes to knowing each and every detail pertaining to your medical history. Overtime, they get to know your health needs better than anyone else because they are the ones who consistently see you and treat you. 

4 Workplace Wellness Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Mind

When we talk about workplace wellness, it’s often surrounding all the different ways to keep your physical wellbeing in check. And while it’s critical to keep your physical body in check, workplace wellness encompasses your mental health as well. Your mentality and mental health is just as important as your physical state; after all, they work in conjunction with one another. When you feel unwell mentally, it can take a toll on your entire being. Work can often make us feel bogged down, tired, and burnt out, sometimes to the point where we feel like doing nothing at all.

How to Minimize the Risk of Occupational Injuries This Winter

Workers can fall victim to occupational injuries for many different reasons, some of which are a result of falling, slipping, and tripping. Of course, this can happen no matter what the weather is like, but cold winter weather definitely creates the right environment for these kinds of accidents to happen. Freezing rain, sleet, snow, and ice all contribute to slippery floors and surfaces that can be stomping grounds for occupational injuries to occur. These chances only increase when work takes place in these uncontrollable environmental conditions. 

5 PCP-Approved Ways to Avoid Holiday Stress

It’s finally the most wonderful time of year. ‘Tis the season for holiday cheer, joyous spirits, and if we’re being honest, lots of added stress. Whatever holiday you and yours celebrate, there is always the pressure to put on the best holiday gathering, give the best holiday gifts, and make the best holiday cookies. For a season that’s supposed to be about joy and cheer, you’d think there wouldn’t be so many things to do.