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How to Minimize the Risk of Occupational Injuries This Winter

Workers can fall victim to occupational injuries for many different reasons, some of which are a result of falling, slipping, and tripping. Of course, this can happen no matter what the weather is like, but cold winter weather definitely creates the right environment for these kinds of accidents to happen. Freezing rain, sleet, snow, and ice all contribute to slippery floors and surfaces that can be stomping grounds for occupational injuries to occur. These chances only increase when work takes place in these uncontrollable environmental conditions. 

5 PCP-Approved Ways to Avoid Holiday Stress

It’s finally the most wonderful time of year. ‘Tis the season for holiday cheer, joyous spirits, and if we’re being honest, lots of added stress. Whatever holiday you and yours celebrate, there is always the pressure to put on the best holiday gathering, give the best holiday gifts, and make the best holiday cookies. For a season that’s supposed to be about joy and cheer, you’d think there wouldn’t be so many things to do.

6 PCP-Approved Tips on Eating Healthy This Thanksgiving

The last few months of the year bring holiday after holiday and we all know what that means: food. More often than not, we’re presented with celebratory dishes that are heavy in carbs, calories, and sugar, making it hard to turn down a bite...or seven. We all deserve to enjoy special foods during the holiday season, it can easily lead to overeating or weight gain, all of which are unhealthy habits. By following these PCP-approved tips, you can enjoy holiday treats without feeling guilty or gluttonous afterward. It really is the best of both worlds!

5 Workplace Wellness Tips to Avoid the Flu

With flu-season among us, practicing workplace wellness tips is essential to avoid cold or flu-like symptoms. And, as we all know, the best way to treat the flu is to do everything we can to prevent it in the first place. Nobody wants to spend days on end with a pounding headache, fever, or sore throat. If you’re wanting to keep healthy during the flu season, follow these five workplace wellness tips. 

3 Common Occupational Injuries and How To Prevent Them

As an employer, we have a rightful duty to keep our employees safe. That means maintaining a safe working environment and raising awareness of situations that can result in an occupational injury. The best way to prevent occupational injury, is to know how they occur. If we know how they occur, then there can be company-wide practices in place to minimize the chances of anyone getting hurt.

4 PCP-Approved Halloween Treats

Halloween is often an exciting holiday for children. It gives them a chance to be creative, by wearing costumes that represent their favorite cartoon characters, princesses, superheroes, and more. But, probably the most exciting part of Halloween are the treats that come along with it. The month of October is filled with candy and spooky treats. No one should be left out of the fun, but there are also ways to indulge without sacrificing your health. Here are some ideas for halloween treats even your PCP would approve of. 

Practicing Workplace Wellness in the Classroom

Sweet summertime is winding down, which means the kiddos are back in school. The transition from summer into the classroom instills a sense of routine in children, as they prepare to learn new things. One thing they must be taught is how to stay healthy during the school year. When school is in session, germs are easily spread from person to person throughout the classroom.

When to Visit a Walk-In Clinic Over a Food Recall

Over the past few weeks, there has been a lot of information spread about various food recalls due to possible salmonella contamination. Food recalls can be scary and alarming, especially when everytime you open social media, it seems that there is a new one to worry about. A lot of recalls are voluntary, or just a precaution. Others are because there have been reported illnesses. You don’t have to go throw away everything that you have in your pantry. You also don’t need to fast from eating. We do, however, urge you to understand the symptoms of salmonella, a common foodborne illnesses.

Should You Visit a Walk-In Clinic for Your Sunburn?

Spending time outside in the sun is one of the best ways for you to absorb Vitamin D, which is essential to healthy bones. However, too much time in the sun can also lead to sunburns, something we’ve all experienced at some point in our lives. You should always take measures to prevent them and protect your skin, by wearing an SPF lotion during long periods of time outside. But, things happen. We forget our sunscreen or forget to re-apply. Most of the time, sunburns will go away on their own, although they can be severe. How do you know when to visit a walk-in clinic because of one? 

Enabling Workplace Wellness with Water

If you’ve stepped outside lately, then you know it’s hot...really hot. Dehydration can make us feel under-the-weather, sick, and can even be dangerous. Because of these reasons, staying hydrated is a vital component of workplace wellness. When your employees aren’t feeling well, they won’t perform as well. Simple as that. Workplace wellness isn’t just important for the individual. The entire company benefits when everyone is feeling their best, showing up to work, and completing their assigned tasks.