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What To Do When You Wake Up With a Sore Throat

Wake up with a sore throat? Before you even say any words or try to swallow, you notice the air you are breathing through your nose isn’t hitting the back of your throat quite right. You’ve got a sore throat. Whether it’s severe and painful, or just inconvenient, it’s important to act right away. 

Any cold-like symptom is a sign that your immune system is working overtime. The most common causes of sore throats are colds, viral infections, bacteria, allergies, airborne irritants, and dry air. 

It’s always a good idea to see the doctor. 

Tips on Avoiding Sinus Infections

Sinus pain and nasal congestion are never pleasant. It is a sure sign that your immune system is fighting something.

The most common causes of nasal congestion are allergies and the common cold. But there is a longer list of possibilities that need to be considered. If your congestion stays around, or gets worse, it could turn into a sinus infection.

Everyday Items That Have A Crazy Amount Of Germs

This is not an easy read. Just remember; you have an arsenal of tools to keep you safe from the germs you encounter every day. 

If you need help keeping your home germ-free, talk to any staff member at Prime Care. 

Let’s start by identifying germs in the kitchen. 

Here we find some of the top germ magnets in your home. Between raw meats and moist sponges, your kitchen has a lot of germs that need to be dealt with properly. Many of the traditional wipe-downs and scrubs we do to keep our kitchen clean simply aren’t enough. 

4 Common Flu Vaccine Myths We Need To Set Straight

MYTH 1: The flu vaccine gives you the flu.

FIRST: It is important to note that you should always listen to your body. Pay attention if you think something is wrong. If you feel sick or experience any symptoms after getting a flu shot, talk to a doctor. 

This is perhaps one of the most widespread myths about the flu vaccine. The flu vaccine is not giving your immune system any real, active versions of the flu virus. A flu shot has either an inactive version of the virus or a single gene from the virus that won’t cause an infection. 

Easy Clean Eating

Are you thinking about trying to eat cleaner? Clean eating has proven to be much more successful than diets. It is a new way to look at the foods you eat. Instead of restricting foods, it focuses on enjoying foods in their natural state. 

Here are a few tips on clean eating for beginners. 

In the beginning, keep it simple. No need to perfect a delicious chicken and veggie bake that is low in carbs AND sodium – but if you do, can we come over for dinner? 

Learn to recognize how much processing your food has been through. 

4 Different Ways Tobacco Use Affects The Body

If you smoke or use tobacco products you’ve probably heard this before; smoking is bad for you. Whether it’s your doctor or your loved ones giving you the advice, they have your best interest in mind. 

Tobacco and nicotine products affect your body in many harmful ways. Much of the damaged caused by tobacco can not be reversed. 

Here are four different ways tobacco affects your body. These are great things to think about if you are looking for motivation to give up the habit. 


1. The visual effects of tobacco use. 

Managing Stress | The Effects of Stress on the Body

Chronic stress can affect your body in many different ways. We often fail to see the symptoms of stress because they can seem so much like a symptom of another condition. 

Stress is a powerful response. Severe and chronic exposure to stress hormones and symptoms can cause serious health problems if they are not managed. 


How Stress Affects Your Heart

Health Tips | How Staying Hydrated Can Help Your Overall Health

You’ve heard this advice many times; drink more water. From health blogs to your general doctor, you’ll hear it all over. “If you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated.”

If drinking water is so important and so easy, why are so many Americans dehydrated?

The key to staying hydrated is this: find a benefit of staying hydrated that is most important to you. How will proper hydrating significantly improve your life? 

Here are a few things to consider. 


Heart disease. 

Sun Safety | Tips on Staying Hydrated and Cancer Free in the Summer Months

What’s the best way to maintain healthy skin? It all starts with practicing good sun safety and staying hydrated. Really! Here are a few sun safety tips. 

Who wouldn’t love healthy skin? Your epidermis is your largest organ. But, most of us don’t think about our skin like an organ. We see it as it relates to our appearance. We know healthy skin makes for great first impressions. The whole beauty industry is dedicated to our skin in one way or another. 

What’s the real secret? 

Heart Health | How to Change Your Diet and Improve Your Heart Health

Heart health is one of the most important reasons to eat healthy foods. At PrimeCARE we strive to help the community around us stay healthy. Most of that means promoting education and consulting with our patients one-on-one. 

Ready to start eating heart healthy? If you are making any major shifts in your diet, the process can seem overwhelming. Slow down and give yourself time to adjust. Here are some tips. 

Plan your meals ahead of time.