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Mental Health

The Impact of Fatherhood

As a new father approaching my first Father’s Day, I have been reflecting on the past 5 months. My first child, a son, was born

Our Story

MD vs. DO – What’s the Difference?

The healthcare world is big! And big is even an understatement because of how quickly knowledge is advancing in our modern world. All that knowledge


Will You Be A Gatekeeper?

PrimeCARE is committed to growing a culture that equips and empowers our team to manage mental health crises within our clinic. By partnering with the


Helping the Helpers

Conway’s Children’s Advocacy Alliance receives $15,500 donation from the CALI Class of 2021 to build a medical exam room for victims of physical and sexual

Our Story

2 Years Later: Reflections on COVID-19 in North Little Rock

Once Covid started spreading closer to our areas we started getting flooded with patients in all of our clinics. It was overwhelming. We were seeing hundreds of patients a day with minimal supplies and minimal information about what we were even dealing with. We had leadership members and medical staff members doing as much research as they could to help us take care of our teams and patients. 


Honoring Black History Month

As a healthcare clinic, we want to continue to actively become a place of peace, where all races of people feel welcomed and cared for.

Wellness & Staying Healthy

The Unseen Impact of Thyroid Disease

What do you hope to get out of a wellness visit? Are you looking to get a general sense of where your health is at

Mental Health

How to Find a Mental Health Provider

How do I find the right mental health provider for me? Finding the right person to meet your needs can feel daunting. You may experience

PrimeCARE Welcomes Access
Mental Health

Branching Out with Access

We are excited to announce our partnership with David Ruble of Access Counseling & Assessments!