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Should You Visit a Walk-In Clinic for Your Sunburn?

Spending time outside in the sun is one of the best ways for you to absorb Vitamin D, which is essential to healthy bones. However, too much time in the sun can also lead to sunburns, something we’ve all experienced at some point in our lives. You should always take measures to prevent them and protect your skin, by wearing an SPF lotion during long periods of time outside. But, things happen. We forget our sunscreen or forget to re-apply. Most of the time, sunburns will go away on their own, although they can be severe. How do you know when to visit a walk-in clinic because of one? 

Enabling Workplace Wellness with Water

If you’ve stepped outside lately, then you know it’s hot...really hot. Dehydration can make us feel under-the-weather, sick, and can even be dangerous. Because of these reasons, staying hydrated is a vital component of workplace wellness. When your employees aren’t feeling well, they won’t perform as well. Simple as that. Workplace wellness isn’t just important for the individual. The entire company benefits when everyone is feeling their best, showing up to work, and completing their assigned tasks.

You Should Visit a PCP Over This Bug Bite

During the summer, we take advantage of the longer days and good weather to spend time in the great outdoors! However, all kinds of pesky little bugs come out when the weather is warm, like flies and mosquitos. They’re easy to see and swat away, plus their bite isn’t usually a cause for alarm. 

Ticks are another story. They can attach to our skin without us even realizing. A tick bite isn’t always a cause for panic, but they can carry diseases that make us sick. You should be aware of what to look for when you get bitten by a tick, so you know when to visit a PCP. 

Walk-In Clinic or ER: Which Should You Visit?

We all find ourselves feeling unwell from time to time. Whether it’s an allergic reaction, a virus, or an injury, it is time to be examined by a medical professional. Since we don’t choose or plan to get sick, a standard doctor’s office isn’t always an option to go to. They might be closed or not have any openings available. Additionally, regular doctor’s offices aren’t always equipped to handle our situations, but that’s no reason to worry or put off seeking treatment. 

6 Reasons You Should Have a PCP

Life can be chaotic, especially in the hustle and bustle of the state’s capital. Add in traffic, rush-hour, work, among all life throws at us, and visiting the doctor can seem nearly impossible. PrimeCare is conveniently located in North Little Rock and is open past standard business hours, so there are no excuses to avoid visits concerning your health. A primary care physician, or PCP, knows how to handle a variety of illnesses and health concerns. It’s important that you find a PCP to tend to your needs. Here are six reasons why. 

Staying Well in Sunny Weather

We’ve all heard the phrase “fun in the sun.” There’s no better time to take advantage of long sunny days than in the summertime. But living in Arkansas sometimes makes us want to stay inside all day with the A/C on full blast. That may be a viable option when you’re at work or when you’re trying to avoid the hottest part of the day, but you shouldn’t let the heat keep you or your family from having fun on the weekends! There are plenty of ways to beat the heat by utilizing some of our workplace wellness tips while you’re outside. 

5 Things to Remember When Working in the Rain

As much as we’d like it, most employers don’t call off work on account of a little rain. Some of us work indoors anyway, so we can steer clear of rainy weather aside from the quick sprint to and from our cars. Others spend the majority of their work days outside, rain or shine. No matter where you work and under what weather conditions, there is always a chance for occupational injuries to occur. However, it is probably a little safer to sit inside and work, compared to working outside in what could be potentially hazardous circumstances.

Tips on Managing Your Allergies in the Spring

With spring comes warm weather, blooming flowers, and lots of pollen, meaning one thing. Allergies! Every morning when you go outside, pollen has managed to touch upon every surface. When it rains, it washes into the cracks of the sidewalks, only to appear on everything the very next day. For people who suffer from allergies, relief seems impossible! A PrimeCare PCP, can help you find relief from itchy, watery eyes, dripping noses, and incessant sneezing.

How to Avoid the Bug

This flu season has been one of the most widespread the United States has seen in years. Everywhere you turn, a co-worker is coming down with the plague (uh, flu) and there’s a every-man-for-themselves attitude when it comes to avoiding the bug. It seems like the only way to dodge the flu is to stay at home in quarantine. While that may be the best option, it is also the most unrealistic one. So, what can you do to prevent yourself from getting sick? Our staff at PrimeCare wants to help guide you with some of our workplace wellness tips to staying healthy, all year round. 

When to Visit an Extended Hours Clinic

One of the worst things about being sick, aside from feeling terrible, is knowing that you need to go to the doctor, but not having the time. Ordinary doctor’s offices are inconveniently open during regular business hours, when most adults happen to be working as well. Then, the weekend rolls around, the doctor’s offices close when you finally are able to go. Will you just never be able to visit a doctor? Luckily, that’s not the case! Here are some reasons why an extended hours clinic will be a good choice for you and your schedule.