Check-in Online

Please remain in your vehicle to complete the check-in process. Our current process is in place to protect you and others from unnecessary exposure. Thank you for your participation and patience!

Mobile Check-In Questions Answered

COVID has challenged us to become creative in how to best serve our patients and protect our staff. The mobile check-in system allows patients to by-pass some of the more tedious aspects to healthcare like waiting rooms, filling out forms, and phone wait times. Our capacity to cope with the huge need in our community has stretched and grown us. Thank you for bearing with us through the growing pains. 

With our new mobile check-in, you can complete the entire pre-visit paperwork from the convenience of your car. To begin your visit, click Check-In Today to choose the English or Spanish version. These questions include a place to choose your clinic location and the reason for your visit today, along with your contact information. When completed, the reception team at your clinic location will receive your information and prompt you to complete the pre-visit questionnaires by SMS text message.

Scheduled appointments receive text reminders and confirmations before and on the day of the appointment.  When you receive those texts you will notice a link. This link allows you to update your general information, any insurance changes, and medical history without filling out paper forms before your appointment. If you are an established patient, much of this information will already exist in your profile and all you will need to do is update and verify any new information. When everything looks good and you are in the parking lot for your visit, click the green “I Have Arrived”. The reception team will see your arrival and call to notify you to come inside.

Yes! Look for ‘PCMC-Guest’ in your wifi options.

We are aware of a few glitches within the system that can cause error messages. If you are concerned that our reception team is not receiving your submissions, please do not hesitate to call or walk-in to bring attention to the issue. 

Anyone who needs to be seen will need to fill out a separate form. For example, a mom and son both need testing so the mom will fill out the form for herself and complete the form again for her son. To begin a walk-in visit, click here.

Not at this time. Due to the Covid surge, we encourage you to mobile check-in from your vehicle if at all possible. You will be called to come in and directly shown to a sanitized patient room.