We are excited to announce that we are back in-network and NOW ACCEPTING patients having UHC and UMR insurance.

Clinic Update: Text Us!

Written by Annie Keese
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Text your nearest PrimeCARE clinic! Our newest upgrade to the clinic is the option to send texts directly to the clinic team. Whether you have a general question, a billing concern, a follow-up question, or want to schedule an appointment with us, you have the convenient option to communicate with us through text or over the phone.

Simply use the chat box on our website Or call or text our nearest clinic location to talk with a PrimeCARE employee. We have team members connecting with patients during clinic hours 7 days a week.

It really doesn’t get any simpler than that. You will waste less time on hold and get the answers and help you need in an easy, efficient way! We are excited to offer this to you and equip our team with a great tool as we evolve and grow as a clinic. Thank you for trusting us with your healthcare needs.

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