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Easy Clean Eating

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Are you thinking about trying to eat cleaner? Clean eating has proven to be much more successful than diets. It is a new way to look at the foods you eat. Instead of restricting foods, it focuses on enjoying foods in their natural state. 

Here are a few tips on clean eating for beginners. 

In the beginning, keep it simple. No need to perfect a delicious chicken and veggie bake that is low in carbs AND sodium – but if you do, can we come over for dinner? 

Learn to recognize how much processing your food has been through. 

Many of the foods that end up on the shelves of our grocery stores have been processed over and over again. Clean eating, at its core, is all about eating foods that are as close to their original form as possible. 

Your body has a hard time digesting processed foods. Processed foods have proven to be bad for us in several ways. They can lead to weight gain, inflammation, and more.

Switching to whole-grain foods can help you lose weight the healthy way. No more crash dieting. Just foods that are kind to your body. 

Don’t forget to drink water! Water is the ultimate clean food. It’s just water and it’s great for your body. 

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Anti-inflammatory Cherry Spinach Smoothie

Here is a delicious smoothie recipe to help if you’ve been eating more processed foods lately. Once you have all the ingredients, it only takes about 5 minutes to make.


Take a list to the grocery store so you know what to look for (and what to avoid). 

The health consequences of eating too much sugar and processed foods went undetected for a while. Manufacturers use sugar and over-processing to create much of what we see at the grocery store. Shoppers need to do some research to make sure they are getting the healthy food they want. 

What should be on your list? Raw fruits and veggies are as clean as it gets. Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber and nutrients. They are also delicious! Try new ones and see if there are any delicious produce options you’ve been missing out on. 


Healthy One-Dish Chicken Bake

If you are cautious about starting a diet with lots of vegetables and fruits, here is a recipe that might help. It’s easy and delicious. 


Check nutrition labels on everything. 

Even if it’s a food you are relatively sure is clean, check the tag. Sugar and processing are everywhere. Many people are surprised to learn how much sugar is in ketchup. Vegetable oil is also surprisingly unhealthy. It is a very processed food. Always try and avoid vegetable oil. Go for olive oil instead. 

No Sugar Added Oatmeal Cookies

Eating clean doesn’t mean your diet can’t have a few goodies. There are many delicious treats that are good for you. Like this one. 


Don’t give up on good food. 

Salt and sugar are easy ways to make food taste good. Once you start eating clean, healthy sweets and flavoring your food with spices and herbs, you’ll never go back. 


Keto Breakfast Tacos With Bacon And Guacamole

You don’t need to be on a keto diet to enjoy this delicious breakfast. This recipe is a great example of what you can make only using delicious, clean food.