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More Effective with Mid-Level Providers

Written by Annie Keese
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PrimeCARE was built on the premise that healthcare can be more effective with Mid-Level Providers! That concept has proved to work well in our clinics. A mid-level provider goes through years of classroom learning and clinical learning. They work alongside MD & DO physicians to provide care to patients and extend the capacity and efficiency of a practice.

Physician Assistants

Physician Assistants (PA’s) have gone through a lengthy pre-requisite process and a competitive application process to get accepted to a Physician Assistant program. These programs are full-time for 2-3 years and require a lot of hands on learning experiences. PA’s practice medicine after passing a certification process and getting state medical board approval. Nurse Practicioners (NP) function in the same way!

Nurse Practioners

You may hear them called NP’s, Nurse Practioners, or APRNs — these providers are advanced practice registered nurses. Having completed a Registered Nurse (RN) degree and practiced medicine as a nurse, an APRN continues their education with additional courses and clinical rotations to receive their certification. Their contribution to the clinic address acute and wellness care in collaboration with the phyicians they work alongside.

You may very well see a mid-level provider from anything from a wellness exam to urgent care visit. Their training gives them the skills to assess, treat, and prescribe treatment for the clinical setting they work in. Rest assured, just as with physicians, mid-level providers continue their education with required medical training hours to maintain their medical board certification.

The result of adding mid-levels to a primary care setting is efficiency! We are able to extend our hours and see patients on weekends. We are able to keep providers available for unexpected urgent care visits.

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