We are excited to announce that we are back in-network and NOW ACCEPTING patients having UHC and UMR insurance.

PrimeCARE makes seeing a provider easy!

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Our medical team comprises over 20 doctors, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners across four clinics. In addition, our patient support team, referral specialists, billing specialists, quality care team, referrals specialists, reception teams, medical techs, nurses, medical providers, and counselors work together to take care of your primary care and walk-in medical needs.

What sets our primary care and walk-in services apart?

Use PrimeCare as your primary care clinic. We’ll manage your medical care with annual wellness exams, referral services for specialty needs, medication management, and monitoring of your chronic and acute care monitoring. We’ll also provide you with same-day visits for non-emergent walk-in care with an available walk-in provider. Some visits require appointments; please call for confirmation (E.i., Medication refills, referrals, etc.)

If you use PrimeCare for your non-primary care, we’ll provide care for non-emergent needs when your primary care physician can’t fit you in for a visit. We offer same-day, walk-in care for most of our community, though please note that some insurances aren’t accepted. Also, some insurances might require a referral from your primary physician before we can serve you, or your insurance may not allow us to bill your insurance due to primary care provider assignment restrictions. Please call any of our clinics to confirm if we’re in-network with your insurance or if you need a referral before visiting us.

In addition to medical assistance, PrimeCare believes in the importance of mental health services for our communities. Therefore, each PrimeCare location has counselors on-site to work alongside the medical team and ensure that your overall health is considered.

If you would like to be a part of our Patient Family Advisor Counsel to help us improve care and visit experiences, please email our Quality Care Team at cristina.smith@primecare-searcy.com. We would like to hear from you!

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