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What To Do When You Wake Up With a Sore Throat

Wake up with a sore throat? Before you even say any words or try to swallow, you notice the air you are breathing through your nose isn’t hitting the back of your throat quite right. You’ve got a sore throat. Whether it’s severe and painful, or just inconvenient, it’s important to act right away. 

Any cold-like symptom is a sign that your immune system is working overtime. The most common causes of sore throats are colds, viral infections, bacteria, allergies, airborne irritants, and dry air. 

It’s always a good idea to see the doctor. 

You’ve caught this symptom in the early stages. It’s always a good idea to get medical advice on how you should proceed to prevent any further illness. DIY and home remedies can work wonders at relieving your pain, but they might be right for you.

It is highly recommended that you seek medical advice as soon as you recognize symptoms of illness. Almost everyone gets a sore throat now and then. However, your health conditions are unique. Seeing a doctor and asking a few questions isn’t so inconvenient anymore. The medical professionals at Prime Care are ready to see you right away. 

Cancel all your singing gigs and perhaps take a vow of silence for the week. (maybe longer)

It’s time to rest that beautiful voice of yours. This is especially true if it is painful to talk. Your throat needs to rest to heal. 

The more rest you give your throat, the faster it is likely to heal. 

Can’t take a voice break? 

This voice rest depends on how committed are you to your voice healing, and what kind of tasks do you need to accomplish that day. If you work in an office, a chat room or a quick email memo would be a great option. Let your co-workers know you are on voice rest and written communication is preferred. 

Got a job that requires your voice? It’s time for a sick day. A waiter with a raspy, cold-like voice doesn’t give customers the best assurances. Take it easy. Your voice may sound raspy. But with the correct remedies to keep your throat moist and pain-free, you should be able to continue your day. 

The key? Listen to your body. If your sore throat is caused by a viral infection, other symptoms may begin to present themselves. 

Here are a few natural, home remedies for easing pain and reducing swelling from a sore throat. 

Again, please consult a medical professional. The team at Prime Care is here for these moments. Stop by with no appointment and we’ll help you determine the best way for you to heal your throat. You’ve got a life to live. Let’s get you back to full health as soon as possible. 

Gargle some saltwater. 

Saltwater has been know to relieve pain and reduce swelling from a sore throat. Warm, not hot water is best. Wait for the salt to dissolve a little before gargling. 

Himalayan salt has been praised for its additional minerals that aid in healing. While the effects have not been scientifically proved. Ask your doctor if this kind of salt would be worth trying. 

Gargle salt water every hour while your symptoms persist. 

Use Apple Cider Vinegar.

If an irritant is causing your sore throat, apple cider vinegar’s antibacterial effects may help. Consume a recommended amount mixed with small amounts of warm water. 


Another, all-natural remedy for a sore throat. Honey has cough suppressant qualities. It’s also naturally good at coating your throat. Add honey to tea or warm water to dring throughout the day. 

Honey also tastes better if you don’t prefer the teas recommended for sore throats. Add some honey and enjoy it.